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angular features
10 Apr 2018

Angular features for the beginners


Angular is the framework for building the dynamic and structure application. It is a front end technology.This is extended to html,javascript,css.Mainly Angularjs  is used for develop the single page applications.

To solve our design problem, we can’t use jquery because it just provides us utility functions for generic tasks, but how about the following

  • Application Structure
  • Managing the continuously JavaScript code 
  • Sending crud REST requests, 
  • Binding to data 
  • Templating! 
  • Testing 
  • Browser History

Features of Angular:

angular features


Angularjs is used for web applications by using the front end frameworks.

1.Providing the structure front end web application by using Modules, controllers, factories, and

services to modularize the code.

2.To communicate the server support by using the AJAX and REST.

3.Two way binding to data and view. This makes angular a great choice for making

Interactive UI components quickly

4.Dependency Injection to inject the object required within the application without

Again  instantiating.

5. HTML compilation and inbuilt templating. Forget the days when we had to take the

Headache of template compilation etc.

6. Fantastic support for Unit Testing. AngularJs comes up with fantastic support for unit testing.

I think Angular is the best for learning and develop the websites and Mobile apps.

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