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Corporate Training

Corporate Training in Hyderabad

Companies thrive for excellence with a great platform for technological adoption and logical approach. We at NBITS, are focused and has a great reputation for providing quality Corporate training to meet the global standards. We regularly monitor and focus on growing needs of the market standards from an individual to a team growth. We are known for the excellence with a higher level of dedication in delivering which has not only made us stand first in the market but also led us one of the top available Trainers


  • Customized course coverage that suits your Business need.
  • Training by Industry Architects who are bestowed with vast knowledge in diversified Technologies.
  • Training led with a focus on Real Time Scenarios.
  • We offer custom Training Solutions specific to your Business needs.
  • We offer client site full day Training.
  • Configuration and Installation of related servers are also provided by our Expert Team of Administrators.
  • Skill enhancement programs for new Technologies introduced. 


  • SAP IS Retail – Supermarkets and Retail industry
  • SAP IS Aerospace & Defense – Air and military industries
  • SAP IS Automotive – Automobile manufacturing industries
  • SAP IS Banking – Financial Industries, Banking, and Market Risk Management
  • SAP IS Chemicals – Chemical industries
  • SAP IS Consumer Products – Consumer product industries
  • SAP IS Defense & Security – Defense and security industries
  • SAP IS Engineering, Construction, and Operations – Construction and engineering companies
  • SAP IS Healthcare – Hospitals and healthcare institutions
  • SAP IS Higher Education & Research – Campus management
  • SAP IS High Tech – High tech industries
  • SAP IS Industrial Machinery and Components – Heavy machinery manufacturing companies
  • SAP IS Insurance – Insurance companies and Currency Markets
  • SAP IS Life Sciences – Life sciences industry
  • SAP IS Media – Communication and Publishing industries
  • SAP IS Mill Products – Mill product industries
  • SAP IS Mining – Mining industries
  • SAP IS Oil & Gas – Oil and Gas Industries
  • SAP IS Professional Services – Professional services industry
  • SAP IS Pharma – Pharmaceutical industries
  • SAP IS Public Sector – Public Sector and Administration
  • SAP IS Telecommunications – Telecommunication operators