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Corporate Training

Corporate Training in Hyderabad

Companies thrive for excellence with a great platform of technological adoption and logical approach. We at NBITS, are focused and has a great reputation in providing quality Corporate training to meet the global standards. We regularly monitor and focus on growing needs of the market standards from an individual to a team growth. We are known for the excellence with higher level of dedication in delivering which has not only made us stand first in the market but also led us one of the top available Trainers

  • Customized course coverage that suits your Business need.
  • Training by Industry Architects who are bestowed with vast knowledge in diversified Technologies.
  • Training led with focus on Real Time Scenarios.
  • We offer custom Training Solutions specific to your Business needs.
  • We offer client site full day Training.
  • Configuration and Installation of related servers are also provided by our Expert Team of Administrators.
  • Skill enhancement programs for new Technologies introduced. 
  • SAP IS Retail – Supermarkets and Retail industry
  • SAP IS Aerospace & Defense – Air and military industries
  • SAP IS Automotive – Automobile manufacturing industries
  • SAP IS Banking – Financial Industries, Banking, and Market Risk Management
  • SAP IS Chemicals – Chemical industries
  • SAP IS Consumer Products – Consumer product industries
  • SAP IS Defense & Security – Defense and security industries
  • SAP IS Engineering, Construction, and Operations – Construction and engineering companies
  • SAP IS Healthcare – Hospitals and healthcare institutions
  • SAP IS Higher Education & Research – Campus management
  • SAP IS High Tech – High tech industries
  • SAP IS Industrial Machinery and Components – Heavy machinery manufacturing companies
  • SAP IS Insurance – Insurance companies and Currency Markets
  • SAP IS Life Sciences – Life sciences industry
  • SAP IS Media – Communication and Publishing industries
  • SAP IS Mill Products – Mill product industries
  • SAP IS Mining – Mining industries
  • SAP IS Oil & Gas – Oil and Gas Industries
  • SAP IS Professional Services – Professional services industry
  • SAP IS Pharma – Pharmaceutical industries
  • SAP IS Public Sector – Public Sector and Administration
  • SAP IS Telecommunications – Telecommunication operators