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Features of the Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology
28 Mar 2018

Features of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is the latest digital ledger technology and it can be programmed to record not only financial transactions but virtually every value.It can provides a secure way of making and recording the transactions like Bitcoins and agreements and contracts for everything needs to record the verifying the Blockchain network.

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Blockchain Technology affected industries:

Mainly Banking,Education and Academics,voting and Payments and Money Transfers,Cyber security,Car leasing,Stock trading,Real Estate,Insurance,Sales etc.,

Some time Blockchain can avoid the frauds in Banking or everywhere.So this is major Technology development in every where.

Features of Blockchain Technology:

We discuss some of the interesting features of Blockchain Technology

1.Blockchain is a public it’s means internet but present in the world population only 0.7% use the blockchain but 3.77 billion peoples are used internet.

2.Mainly North american and european  Banks like 90% of exploring the blockchain soluions

3.The average investment in  Blockchain projects is 65 millions.

4.Blockchain technology is very transparent because anyone can access to show the overview of the chain.

5.Time stamping is the process of securely keeping the track of modification and creation time of document.There is no doubts because of every block is time stamped making on it.

6.cryptocurrency that means Bitcoin uses the elliptic curve cryptography.Actually network can verify the transaction was sent by the person who holds the private key without their identity.

7.Blockchain Access the anybody on the planet,who is the part of network to read or view any data recorded by anybody.

8.Irreversibility and replication and no central authority is the features in Blockchain technology.Blockchain can avoid the frauds in Banking systems also.

Blockchain Training

Blockchain has bright future in present and future market.So if you want to learn this technology and develop your career growth in blockchain Then immediately go to learn the Blockchain.

NBITS provides the blockchain technology training.It can provides online and offline training by real time experts.Duration of the Blockchain has 45 days  nothing little efficient time to learn and develop your growth in Blockchain.NBITS also provides the job assistance and practical real time support in projects and labs also.

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