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node js Features
1 Jun 2018

Node Js Features and Its scope in future for Development of Web Applications.

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform built on JavaScript runtime for fast and scalable server-side applications. It enables event-driven programming to the web servers through super-fast JavaScript interpreter that runs in the Chrome browser. Node Js is very light-weight javascript language which mainly runs on the Browser to perform operations.

Features of Node Js:

Open Source:

Node Js is an open source server-side Javascript Framework in which it has many Javascript modules to add additional capabilities to Node.js applications.

Good Execution Time:

As Node Js is built on Google Chrome Engine, the execution time of the Node Js is very fast. It is a server-side Javascript framework. Execution of the Code in Node Js is very fast and thus it makes Developers choose Node Js as a primary weapon for Application Development.


Node Js is an open source Javascript Framework but it is highly scalable as it renders the applications and helps the server to respond very quickly to the Input and Output blockings. Thus Node Js is very scalable and can handle any set of Data and process the workload on the server.

Single Threaded Process:

Node. Js works on a Single thread with shared resources, All the applications that build on Node Js will follow “Single Threaded Event Loop Model” to handle multiple clients.

I/O Asynchronous:

API’s that we use in Node Js is asynchronous, In Node Js Single way process takes place thus it unblocks the incoming and outgoing data. The server never waits for API to return the data it moves to next API and Notification mechanism of events will inform the server about the response. That is the reason why Node Js is very unique and very fast. It follows event driven mechanism.

Quick Response Time:

Node Js has a very quick response time while processing the data in terms of large files like Videos etc. There will be no buffering in processing the data, the applications that are developed in Node Js will be executed and comes out in blocks.

Scope of Node Js in future:

Using Node Js in Application Development is very much in need for Developers as Node Js is operating in Input and Output to deal with incoming requests. Main advantage of using Node Js is it never waits for Server to respond, web sockets will enable in sending data to the client without any requests. Javascript is all over it again as it supports many different styles of programming like object-oriented programming, procedural programming, and functional programming. Node Js is easy to use and Deliver as it follows single threaded mechanism.

Thus Upgrading skills in Node Js is very much beneficial to any Graduate and Jobseeker. In coming years Node Js will be going to replace few technologies. After Node Js came into the scene, usage of PHP has become less.


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