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RPA-Automation Anywhere training


Course Brief




Robotics Process Automation Anywhere is the application of technology which allows Professionals to configure computer software or a robotics to capture and interpret existing applications for manipulating data, processing a request, triggering responses and having communication with various digital systems.It is the application of technology for integrating existing applications for processing various trigger responses, processing transactions and high interaction with other digital systems.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Automation Anywhwere
  • Preparing and Installing the Automation Anywhere
  • Recording,Editing and Running tasks
  • Web Recorder and Object Recorder
  • Task creation using of Task list
  • Viewing and General setting properties
  • Task Editor components
  • Automation Anywhere commands

Batch Timings

Batch Date Batch Time Faculty Duration
28/Feb/2019  8:00 AM Satish Kumar  30 Days Classroom
16/4/2018  8:00 PM Biswa  30 Days Classroom
16/4/2018  8:00 PM Biswa  30 Days Online
13/NOV/2017  09:00 AM Biswa  30 Days Online
30/OCT/2017  07:30 AM Biswa  30 Days Classroom

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Prerequisites for learning RPA- Blue prism?

Particularly no languages are needed but know the any one of the programming language.

Who can go for this course?

Aspirants who are having Particularly no languages are needed but know the any one of the programming language will be added advantage to do RPA- Blue prism Course at NBITS. Fresher’s, Graduates, IT Professionals, Job Seekers, Project Managers, Developers, and Business Analysts & Implementers can learn this course


Automation anywhere is the part of RPA nothing but bots. This is the automate process organized by humans. In this code free anyone can learn the blue prism without any coding Knowledge.