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26 Jul 2017

Why do we need a staging area in an ETL process?

A staging area is required during ETL load. There are various reasons why a staging area is required −

As source systems are only available for specific period of time to extract data and this time is less than total data load time so Staging area allows you to extract the data from source system and keep it in staging area before time slot is ended.

Staging area is required when you want to get data from multiple data sources together. If you want to join two or more systems together. Example- You will not be able to perform a SQL query joining two tables from two physically different databases.

Data extractions time slot for different systems vary as per the time zone and operational hours.Data extracted from source systems can be used in multiple data warehouse system, Operation Data stores, etc.During ETL you can perform complex transformations that allows you to perform complex transformations and require extra area to store the data.

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