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Angular JS fatures & Architecture
9 Jun 2018

Angular Js and its Overview and Software Prerequisites

Angular Js is an open source Javascript framework mainly used for developing web applications powered by Google. Angular Js is mainly used for Front-end Developers and in web development. Latest Angular version is Angular 6, mainly used in Software Development and Front-end Development. After Angular Js came into existence many companies are using angular js to develop apps and web applications.

Angular JS overview:

Angular Js is probably one of the most popular modern web frameworks available today. Because of excellent support from Google and community of Developers Angular JS is widely popular in Industry. Angular Js is mainly used by developers as it offers code redundancy and smooth workflow. Angular Js uses MVC Architecture where project implementation will be done in a most sequential manner. Angular Js always incorporates the latest development trends in the market.

Angular JS Features:

Angular Js has a wide variety of features:

MVC Architecture: MVC is widely used in modern-day application development. MVC is usually meant to separate the business workflow by splitting the business logic between the Model and View. Front-end design part will be in View and Controller handles the project workflow.

Data Model Binding: By Angular Js, there is no major need to write the code to bind the data with HTML controls. Angular will add some snippet code to handle the Data Binding

Less Coding Practise: in traditional JavaScript implementation, DOM is used to manipulate and design the code, but after angular came into existence there is no need of DOM to manipulate the data. Very less code is used to write and design the code by using Angular JS.

Unit Testing: Angular Js helps in a Unit testing, Designer at Google introduced a framework called “Karma” which helps in designing unit tests for Angular JS applications.

Angular JS Architecture:

Angular.js follows the MVC architecture, brief overview of Angular Js Architecture are explained below:

Model – Models are used to represent your data. The data in your model can be as simple as the primitive statements. For example, if you support a student request, your data model can have a student ID and name. Or it can also be difficult to model structured data. If you support the application for owning a car, you can have structures for determining the car itself in terms of its engine power, landing capacity, etc.

View – Views are used to represent the presentation layer that is provided to end users

Controller – The controller represents a layer that has business logic. User events activate the functions that are stored in their controller. User events are part of the controller.

Software Prerequisites to Run Angular Js

Main Softwares needed to run Angular Js in systems are:

  • Brackets
  • Visual Studio
  • Angular Software Install
  • Node Software Install

Conclusion: Angular Js is easy to learn and implement, the core and advanced modules of Angular will help in Development of robust applications. The architecture of Angular is based on MVC architecture. Thus MVC helps in smooth application design and performance of Angular Applications. Softwares used in Angular Js implementations are also open source and easy to use, and also have support from Google.



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