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RPA-UiPath training

Course Brief




RPA UiPath is a software platform for business units to automate the critical work processes. RPA UiPath is recognized as the top service provider for Business Solutions and Technical Excellence. RPA UiPath follows an Agile methodology which mainly differs from other modules of RPA. Uipath is chosen by many enterprise organizations to automate the business workflow. Moreover, the speed and accuracy of the business workflow are quite high when compared to other modules of RPA like – Open Span, Automation Anywhere.

Learning RPA is very much easier when compared to other modules of RPA. Learning RPA UiPath from a well-recognized training institute will always benefit the audience. NBITS is renowned to be one of the best training institutes for RPA UiPath Training in Hyderabad where the training is delivered in two different modes namely – Classroom and Online Training.

Highlights of the RPA UiPath

Our Institute’s RPA UiPath Training delivers real-time training on RPA UiPath where practical and theoretical knowledge on RPA UiPath will be acquired upon completion of the Course. Main highlights of the Course are:

  • Introduction to Variables with workflow method(Control Flow), Data Manipulation(String Methods).
  • Leverages strong knowledge on Ui elements, Excel and relevant and Data Table.
  • Knowledge on RPA UiPath concepts on Selectors and Ui Explorer, Recordings, Input and output methods (Advance Ui Interaction).
  • Strong understanding on Mail activities, Data scraping and Screen Scraping, Database Automation, Pdf Automation, Debugging and try catch, Arguments, Window Credentials.
  • Acquires strong knowledge on Citrix and advance Citrix, UiPath Robot, Orchestrator, Queue management, Agent Process, Soap Services
  • A Real-time Project on RPA UiPath

Batch Timings

Batch Date Batch Time Faculty Duration Mode of Training
21/01/2019 7:30 AM Biswa  30 Days Online
03/12/2018 7:30 AM Biswa  30 Days Classroom/Online
02/7/2018 9:00 AM Biswa  30 Days Classroom/Online
25/6/2018 9:00 AM Biswa  30 Days Classroom/Online

will be updated soon!

Prerequisites for learning RPA- UiPath?

Particularly no languages are needed but know the any one of the programming language.

Who can go for this course?

Aspirants who are having Particularly no languages are needed but know the any one of the programming language will be added advantage to do RPA- Blue prism Course at NBITS. Fresher’s, Graduates, IT Professionals, Job Seekers, Project Managers, Developers, and Business Analysts & Implementers can learn this course

Why RPA-UiPath?

Automation anywhere is the part of RPA nothing but bots. This is the automate process organized by humans. In this code free anyone can learn the blue prism without any coding Knowledge.